Saginaw County has for a long time been striving to have neurodiversity access with those with autism, but we’re proud to help make the community a safer place for those with autism.

Saginaw and Autism

In recent years, Saginaw has embraced the principles of autism acceptance, fostering an inclusive community that recognizes and celebrates neurodiversity. The city has been working towards creating an environment where individuals with autism are not just accommodated but fully embraced for their unique perspectives and contributions. Local initiatives and organizations have played a pivotal role in raising awareness about autism spectrum disorders, promoting understanding, and dismantling stereotypes.

The community has been actively engaged in creating sensory-friendly spaces, organizing events that are inclusive of individuals with autism, and advocating for policies that prioritize accessibility and understanding.

By incorporating autism acceptance into its fabric, Saginaw reflects a commitment to building a city where everyone, including those with autism, can lead fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to the community. This inclusive approach not only benefits individuals with autism but also enriches the entire community by fostering empathy, diversity, and a sense of belonging for all residents.

Connecting With the Community

The Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation enjoys connecting with the community on developing instruments and donating toys to make society more welcoming to those with autism by creating sensory and communication equipment that makes the social-environment a better place for children on the autism spectrum.

The community is what matters to our heart and that also the major reason the Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation loves participating in public programs/seminars through First Responders, Sports, Businesses and the Entertainment Industry to raise autism awareness and create acceptance in all social intuitions that autism can either contribute to or benefit from to integrate the neurotypical with autism.

Autism Grill

The Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation is passionate about educating the community by also hosting the “Autism Grill” to provides many delicious products to help spread autism awareness and get everyone together in neurodiversity, training officials on autism and developing better welcoming environment for those with autism throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond.


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