About Xavier​

Xavier DeGroat was diagnosed with autism at age five. Throughout his childhood, outside of his loving home, he experienced the all-too-common treatment by other children and adults.

Xavier faced bullying as a young boy, and as he grew through his teens and into his 20s, he experienced discrimination, employment challenges, and other forms of injustice as a result of being autistic.

But instead of letting his challenges define him, Xavier has channeled his energy to help all “differently abled” people with autism to avoid bullying and discrimination and to achieve their dreams like those without autism.

Our Mission

To create and promote opportunities for people with autism through advocacy, education, economic opportunities, and humanitarian efforts. Our mission extends to cultivating a supportive and inclusive society that embraces neurodiversity.

We aim to empower individuals with autism by fostering a sense of belonging, facilitating access to quality education, championing their economic independence, and actively participating in community initiatives that address their unique needs.

Through collaborative partnerships and community-driven activities, we aspire to break down barriers, challenge stigmas, and create a world where individuals with autism not only thrive but also contribute meaningfully to the broader community.

Our Pillars

All of our 4 core pillars tie into increasing societal changes for children and families with autism to better reach there potential by educating the community (includes our International Autism-History Museum) and raise public awareness, which includes corporate, government, police, firefighters, doctors, schools, the entertainment industry and tourist attractions to be more neurodiverse and friendly to those on the autism spectrum.

Board of Directors

The following individuals have enthusiastically agreed to join the XDAF mission to advocate, educate, promote, and serve those impacted by autism:

Xavier DeGroat - Founder, CEO

Xavier has channeled his energy to help all “differently abled” people with autism to avoid bullying and discrimination and to achieve their dreams like those without autism.

Randy Thompson -Treasurer

Randy Thompson lives in Clio, MI with his wife Kelly and their three children, Hannah (15), Tyler (13), and Harper (8). Randy grew up in Mid-Michigan, and attended college in Southern Illinois at Greenville University. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in 2003 and went to work in the non-profit sector. He furthered his education by completing his Master’s in Business Administration. After 15 years of working with a non-profit organization, Randy took a new position as a Small Business Consultant in 2018 where he continues to work today. As the parent of a special needs child, Randy is dedicated to raising awareness about Autism, and furthering the mission of the Xavier DeGroat Foundation.

Alicia DeGroat

Alicia DeGroat is Digital Marketing professional with over 2 years of experience. She’s currently a Digital Marketing Manager at B&B Media located in Rochester, MI.

Previously, Alicia graduated from Central Michigan University with a major in Integrative Public Relations and a minor in Communications. She has a passion for helping others and takes an interest in creative writing and graphic design.

Alicia aspires to obtain higher credentials and further help communities.

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