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Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation

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Autism advocacy is a vital movement focused on raising awareness and acceptance for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundation challenges stereotypes, promotes inclusivity, and works towards improving access to education and employment opportunities for those on the spectrum. Our efforts contribute to creating a more compassionate and understanding society that celebrates neurodiversity.

Policing Autism

Policing Autism

Enhancing police training on autism awareness is crucial to ensure respectful and informed interactions with individuals on the autism spectrum.



Accepting autism involves recognizing and embracing the unique strengths and abilities of individuals on the spectrum, fostering an inclusive and understanding society.



Neurodiversity celebrates the variety of neurological differences, emphasizing the value and contribution of diverse cognitive perspectives.

Friendly for Everyone

Learn over 5 centuries of the history of neuro-developmental disabilities and specifically how autism became its own identity to adventure the Arts and Culture of its beauty and remember your epxloration in Frankenmuth.

Featuring historic figures that have autism or would have been on the specturm such as Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Andy Warhol to even Elon Musk.


Autism awareness events and programs strive to educate and support the community, fostering inclusivity through workshops and gatherings.

Public Programs

Public Events

The Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundations hosts several free, open to public events.

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Events & Activities

Events & Activities

The Xavier DeGroat Autism Foundations offers museum tours, setting up birthday parties, and days at Frankenmuth.
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Public Developments

Public Developments

Stay up to date with the latest public developments and news.

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ACCEPTANCE since 2018

Understanding Autism

  • Learn what autism is
  • Neuro-diversity
  • Abilities not just disabilities

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